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As of the 22nd of January 2024 Waterhall Medical Centre will be increasing our private fees.

We understand that many of you are use to Waterhall Medical being a bulk-bill practice. Unfortunately with the changing economy we are not able to uphold the quality of our practice  with solely bulk billing. 

The cost of living and price for equipment is ever growing and our mixed billing allows for the same excellent care to be provided to our loved patients. We are sorry for any inconvenience our changes cause.

This will mean anyone 16 and under and anyone 17 and above who holds a VALID Concession/Pension, Health care card or is a current DVA patient will continue to be BULK BILLED.


  • STANDARD CONSULTATION = $70.00 with a rebate of $41.40 (out-of-pocket $28.60)

  • LONG CONSULTATION = $120.00 with a rebate of $80.10 (out-of-pocket $39.90)


Payment is required on the day of your consultation. Your Medicare care card will need to be current to process the claim if not you will need to pay the full amount on the day and then claim back once your card has been updated. Waterhall Medical Centre will be set up with Easy Claims so your rebate will be automatically processed back into your account at the time of your appointment.


These type of appointments were introduced during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. We still wish to provide this appointment type despite the pandemic being somewhat over. These appointments still take up an equal amount of our doctor's time and are a luxury to those who are perfectly fit to attend in person but still prefer over the phone. 

Everyone will be charged $70.00 and will be eligible for a $41.40 rebate from Medicare. No telephone consults will be bulk billed, even if it is a child or someone with a pension/ healthcare card.   



Test results

To ensure quality patient care we request that you make a follow up appointment with your GP to obtain your results. Reception are unable to give results over the telephone.

Medical Certificates

If you require a medical certificate you will need to be seen on that day as medical certificates are a legal document and cannot be back-dated.

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